COVID-19: The impact on our recruitment processes

Like many other companies around the world,
METRO has had to adapt and make changes
over the past year, to ensure that we are
compliant to our COVID Safety Protocol.


In order to continue to meet the grocery and medication needs of our customers, we are always looking for passionate people to fill positions in our stores and distribution centres.  

Given the circumstances, our recruitment processes have been adapted to promote everyone's health and safety, while allowing us to continue to serve the population, day after day.

Question & answers

Is METRO still hiring?

Yes. To see all available positions, consult our career page via the following link:

Metro Career Site

I recently applied to one of your job postings, but I haven't received a response yet. What is going on with my application?

First of all, thank you for your interest in METRO! Your application will be considered for the position(s) to which you applied. Only candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

I don't see a job that matches my profile. Can I still apply?

Yes. We encourage all candidates interested in a job at METRO to submit an open application via our Careers page.

We also invite you to create a candidate profile and subscribe to our job alerts to stay on top of the positions that open every day. You can subscribe via our Careers tab.

I have an interview for a position. Will it still take place?

Yes. Our recruiting processes have been reviewed to comply with government directives and to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. Among other things, when possible, we favor virtual interviews.

The person responsible for the recruitment process will give details of the measures put in place.

How can I prepare for a virtual interview?

To prepare for a virtual interview, we suggest that you take a sound and picture test by accessing the meeting in advance. To do this, simply click on the link you will have received in the invitation sent by the person in charge of recruitment.

If you experience technical difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us!

I had an interview, but I still haven't heard any news. Does this mean that my application was not accepted?

Not at all!

Given the exceptional circumstances surrounding COVID-19, it is possible that the delays between our communications may be longer than usual. If you would like to know where we are at, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to keep you posted.

All applicants who have had an interview will receive a reply once the recruitment process for the position has been completed.

I have received an offer and will soon be part of the METRO team. How should I expect my first day to go?

Depending on the nature of your position, your first days or weeks may take place in the office. The goal is to allow you to take possession of your IT equipment and offer you a basic integration with your manager and your team.

The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 affect the integration of new members in our teams. Several measures have therefore been put in place to ensure the safety of employees who must go to the offices. Thus, while respecting government directives, we are able to have face-to-face meetings to ease the integration of new employees. If you are unable to present yourself at our office, we also have alternative measures so that you can receive your equipment.

Then, all employees who can telework are encouraged to do so. Don't be afraid: just because you're at a distance doesn't mean you will be forgotten! Our integration process has been adapted to the new reality to ensure that new members of our teams receive the necessary support and that they have access to a network of internal contacts so that they can be successful in their new role.

Depending on the nature of the position you will occupy, the person in charge of recruitment will give you all the details on this matter. Do not hesitate to ask questions when in doubt!

How can I prepare for my entry into a remote position?

Here are some suggestions to prepare you for your first day:

  1. Prepare your working environment: whenever possible, make yourself comfortable and ergonomic. Here are some tips to help you settle in optimally:
  • Opt for chairs with backrests: If necessary, use a rolled towel to put on your lower back to promote an optimal position.
  • Raise your laptop: You can use a stack of books to do this, so that the screen is at eye level. If possible, use an auxiliary mouse and keyboard.
  • If possible, choose a closed room: This allows you to be more concentrated and promotes separation from work and personal life. However, we understand that this is not possible for everyone in the current context.
  1. Check your Internet connection: Make sure your Internet connection can support several users at the same time, for a whole day. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Documentation will be provided to you upon confirmation of your employment to help you settle in comfortably at home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. The context surrounding COVID-19 certainly requires adjustments, but we are here to support you through this adaptation.