Diversity and inclusion

At METRO, we foster an inclusive culture that values, respects and capitalizes on the differences of our employees as well as on a team that represents the great diversity of our clientele and the communities we serve. To do this, METRO offers all of its teams an equitable, diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone sees their skills and differences respected and valued.

Diversity within our teams is an asset and is an integral part of our corporate culture, whether in stores, pharmacies, distribution centres or administrative centres. This is your chance to join a team that will allow you to develop your full potential and show who you really are!

Three axes to diversity

Accelerate the impact and results of ED&I

We work daily to ensure that our policies and programs are inclusive and promote diversity, with the goal of achieving a fair representation of the communities representing our clients at all levels of the company.

Develop a “ready now” diverse talent pool

We take concrete action to develop the skills of team members from diverse backgrounds in order to prepare a diverse and competent next generation of employees, notably by taking charge of high-potential employees through various internal programs such as the mentoring program, LEAD training, internal movements, special projects, etc.

Strengthen the inclusive organizational culture

We offer training and awareness-raising activities for our team members on diversity and inclusion issues so that everyone becomes an ally of diversity.

Remarkable initiatives

Since we believe that every gesture contributes to a great impact, several initiatives have been put forward in recent years to promote diversity and inclusion:


We have an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy implemented in 2015 that was recently updated as well as several diversity-related programs. Read METRO's diversity policy.


The women's network, WIN (for Women’s Inspirational Network), provides privileged opportunities for learning, personal and professional development, networking and discussion for METRO's executive and professional women interested in spreading the word about the advancement of women within the company.


METRO Black Community Leadership Network is an employee resources group that aims to initiate a reflection on employee experience of the Black community at METRO.


Members of the LGBTQ2+ community also have a resource group to develop tools to support the inclusion of their members at work.


A Diversity Week is celebrated each year with various activities aimed at promoting diversity.


External applicants must complete a self-identification questionnaire in order to promote diversity in hiring.


A Diversity and Inclusion Advisor position exists within the company and is 100% dedicated to equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives.


METRO donates a large amount of money each year, thanks in part to its employees, to the United Way (Centraide Canada), which supports people in need, some of whom are from a diverse background.


METRO has partnered with several organizations to support an inclusive workplace:

  • Ready, Willing and Able (RWA): an organization whose mission is to increase the participation of people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the workforce.
  • Interconnection: an organization that provides opportunities for newcomers to gain experience in the Canadian workplace.
  • Alliés Montréal: a group of employers whose objective is to promote cultural diversity in employment.
  • CAMO (Workforce Adaptation Committee for People with Disabilities): a group of companies whose objective is to promote the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace.
  • Veterans: Each year, METRO hires former military personnel who are ready to take on new challenges within our company.
  • CCDI: METRO is an Employer Partner of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. The CCDI's mission is to help businesses be inclusive, and to raise awareness and encourage discussion and action to promote the value of diversity. As a CCDI Affiliate Employer, METRO has access to relevant and up-to-date content to support each individual in their journey towards equity, diversity and inclusion.

    For more details on our equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, please see the Corporate Responsibility Report.

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